Ways to respond to a compliment without being overly shy

How to respond to a compliment without being overly shy

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Compliments can be overwhelming for many people out there. I’d probably go beet red with a weird reaction on face when someone compliments me. Honestly, I’d even forget to say ‘thank you’ most of the time. And I only realise it when my head overflows with hundreds of embarrassing moments as a brief recap of my entire life in bed at night lol (this is why I wish I was an animal with only 5 senses sometimes). It is definitely NOT easy to respond to a compliment. Following are some ways you can do it confidently, graciously and unashamedly without being overly shy!

1. Accept, smile and say ‘thank you’.

If there is anything graceful, yet so powerful, it is your acceptance of the compliment. Many have the tendency to deny it in the name of humbleness. Well, I think just accepting it with a smile and saying ‘thank you’ is humbler than the latter. And stop the urge to add up anything out of denial after the ‘thank you’ part. Calm down and take a deep breath, you’re good! You REALLY deserve it, so don’t downplay the compliment no matter what! Remember, feeling unappreciated is not a pleasant thing.

2. Return it with a genuine compliment.

Sometimes, the interaction gets a little fake with a series of compliment battle. Yes, that’s right! You may get carried away with love, excitement, happiness – you name it, when you receive a compliment. Hence, there is a chance you may come up with a “not-so-genuine” response. For example,

Compliment: “You did a great presentation today!”

Response: “Ah, it was not better than yours…”

Your response is not meant to be rude, but that’s how it comes across! So make sure it is as genuine as the compliment. There is nothing more awkward than complimenting someone just for the sake of it!

3. Ask a question politely.

If you are a chatty person, you could possibly ask a question that favours the compliment. There are many ways you can add a question in your response. Some of them are as follows,

Out of curiosity

If you receive a compliment for your green outfit, you can respond with a question in order to quench your mind with curiosity.

“Thanks! So, is green your favourite colour?”

Out of eagerness to do/be better

If someone compliments your Youtube channel, you can ask a question to have elaborate notes as feedback. It helps you to improve your work for better outcomes in future.

“Much thanks! Which is your favourite video up until now ?”

Out of disbelief

If someone appreciates your knowledge about books, you can express a short moment of disbelief before quickly saying ‘thank you’.

“Really? Well, thank you!”

4. Appreciate the little act of kindness.

Kindness is free of cost. And the world today is in need of it. There are many ways to express it, and one of them is through compliments. And if you receive one, appreciate it. Say, “thanks. You are too kind.” By doing this, you can inspire the giver to be often kind. You’d be the reason for someone’s happy day, you never know!

5. Add an interesting detail.

You can always share an interesting detail with the person who compliments you.

Compliment: “You were splendid in the group discussion!”

Response: “Thank you! And thanks to my dad. He was a public speaker. Strong genes, I guess!”

Adding a quick, fun detail in your response showcases your confidence. And it is a cakewalk if you are already an outgoing person!

6. Emote and don’t be embarrassed about it.

I know, the whole point of this blog is to respond to a compliment without being overly shy. But sometimes there is nothing better than being real and going with the flow. So emote however you feel like (but in a ‘non-weird’ way lol), and let the giver know your gratitude. It could be a feeling of surprise, love, joy or anything! Don’t be embarrassed about your reaction. Own it. And don’t forget to add ‘THANK YOU’.


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