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My mom often used to tell me that some people would hesitate to even offer a glass of water in this mean world. I thought it was just like her usual rantings and I never really paid attention to it. Needless to say, most of the angry/worried Indian moms are so good at it. And honestly, I didn’t understand the value of a glass of water or even think about it in my wildest dreams… until a few days ago.

A glass of water plays a major role in maintaining overall good health. They say it is good for skin, indigestion, weight loss – you name it! There are so many blogs on internet reasoning out the benefits of the same. But apart from all that, I believe it plays a major role in providing relief for sadness, anxiety, depression and a lot of other negative emotions too. Offering someone a glass of water is one of the best acts of kindness out there. It is simple, inexpensive and effective.

My experience with a glass of water

I’ll tell you something that I experienced when my dad passed away recently. My friends came over to be there with me since I couldn’t cope with death of my dad. I was so much in disbelief that it took me a lot of time to come to terms. As I was sitting heartbroken, my friend offered me a glass of water. I drank it all at once, even though I was not thirsty. I didn’t think about the demise of my dad until the last drop of water ran down my throat to reach the insides. It could be a matter of a few seconds, but it truly felt… less painful…less heartbreaking…less negative.

I was out of pain for a few seconds. However, the pain resumed and I was mourning the loss all over again. But my friend kept offering me a glass of water in intervals. I gotta say that it made me to acknowledge the reality with a calmer state of mind. Every time I drank a glass of water, it eased the pain I had in my heart. It still didn’t struck to me at this point that a glass of water could be comforting during hard times.

The takeaway from the experience…

Now that I look back, I realise that I learnt the actual meaning of my mom’s ranting only after 28 years of my life on this earth. I learnt that kindness is easy. I’m forever grateful to my friend for taking time to offer me a glass of water. If words can’t heal a broken heart, an act of kindness certainly can. The beauty of life is that we learn so many hard lessons with the help of little things. And my friend’s act of kindness helped to ease my pain. In a way, I learnt something that I did not learn before through my mom’s ranting.

Because if a glass of water could make a huge difference in our state of mind, it is certainly not any lesser than an antidote or anything for that matter.

So let us NOT be one amongst that some people who don’t take time to be kind, appreciative, nice, or least of all a human with one another. Also, being kind is the easiest way to heal the world…the world that lacks love. So why don’t we begin with offering a glass of water?


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