What is it like to be unappreciated?

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There are some people who work hard for that long-awaited appraisal or promotion. And there are others who go to the ends of the earth for loved ones. However, not all of them receive gratification in return. Every person must have felt unappreciated at some point in time. And tell you what, it is one of the most underrated reasons for depression. I’ve jotted down some points on what it is like to be unappreciated.

1. Frustrates you

Frustration is the most common reaction that an unappreciated person may first experience. You may feel let down and furious at people who don’t see your efforts. However, it is normal to feel that way, especially when you’re not appreciated by your loved ones. Furthermore, it could lead to other serious problems in a relationship.

2. Breaks your confidence level

Nothing is as worse as losing your confidence due to under-appreciation. Imagine not being credited by your boss for working night shift amidst the tight deadline. It is even worse when your spouse doesn’t appreciate you for taking that extra effort on looking good for the date night. In that case, it is true that expectations exist in every other relationship. But life is all about the little details as such.

 3. Makes you feel worthless

Being unappreciated makes you feel not good enough. Honestly, it sucks to be unnoticed for your hard work, kindness, love – you name it! Big-hearted people are often rejected, replaced, ignored and belittled in this world. Unfortunately, appreciation plays a major role in evaluating one’s self-worth today. Feeling worthless could lead to other dangerous problems in mental health.

4. Gives you a sense of betrayal

Sometimes, you may feel that you got played even if the actual intention of the receiver is not the same. Betrayal is such a strong word to use in this context. However, disappointment is one of the reasons why unwanted ideas appear in your head. It varies between different people and situations. For example, a friend may feel let down if the gratification is delayed. Therefore, a sense of betrayal is generally stronger in personal relationships than formal relationships.

The bottom line…

If you are an employer, give your employees the right credit. But an approach to personal relationships is a bit different though! And speaking of that, take a moment to appreciate those little things that your loved ones do for you. You could express it as ‘thank you’, ‘it means a lot’, ‘I’m flattered’, or even just look up and nod! It is so easy! The goal is to let them know they are SEEN and FELT. And that’s the least best thing you can do for anyone.

And if you are often unappreciated in a relationship, it is high time you consider your dignity! Make a decision for your own good.


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