What Is Stopping You?

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The question is pretty simple and straight forward. But why do you struggle a lot to answer a question as simple as that? There is no external evil force trying to bring you down and even if there is one, both your mind and heart is at your control. And come on, all those villainy things only happen in films! YOUR insincere efforts, lack of commitment and seriousness lead to unattained dreams and goals. And there is one more bad boy called EXCUSES, they are even worse!

No more excuses please

What is holding you back? Chances are you know what it is! It is high time that you get the facts straight. It could be anything – lack of knowledge, funds, dedication, time, resources, courage, confidence, you name it! These excuses are not even serious to refrain you from taking an action, unless you’re being haunted and hunted down by Annabelle. Just kidding! You may have come across many self awareness quotes on your WhatsApp statuses, Facebook posts and other social media handle. They are the most cliched ones but you’d still take screenshots and save them in gallery for self motivation or to even forward to your friends.

There are so many TED Talk videos to give you inspiration. But the question is, HOW LONG? How long does the impact from so called “inspirational quotes and videos” last on you? Honestly, not a very long time, maybe until the premiere of the next Money Heist season? Remember, you could be a dark horse that is just waiting for the right moment. 

It’s time

So what are you going to do about it? It is all a mind and heart game. Wake up, do it and make NO excuses. Go pay the dues, start that new venture, take that solo trip, make a plan and most importantly, live your life like the way you want. No one is going to make it happen except yourself. It is never good to dwell on the past and not do anything in the present. Say no to ifs, buts and maybes, it is time to move forward! You have a life ahead to accomplish, succeed, inspire, and cherish.

I know it is very easy to pen down all these self awareness points and sound like an expert in life. This blog is to let you know that life is one and it’s about time to work upon your aspirations. I certainly do not want this to be shelved in your sub conscious mind along with those Facebook posts and TED talks videos. Stay motivated to chase your dreams, you are totally going to rock it. Remember, you are free and unstoppable!


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    Fabulous content👌, penned flawlessly…👍

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    Nalla iruku fazee

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