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Love makes anyone go bonkers. Sometimes when people are not too articulate or good at expressing their feelings, they just… show. Here are some little things we do to show our loved ones that we still care.

1. Spend late nights with them despite feeling sleepy.

2. Laugh out so loud for their lamest jokes ever. Louder than Ursula.

3. Plan little things to surprise them on every special occasion.

4. Brag about their weirdest talents to every person we know.

5. Spoil them with the guiltiest pleasures ever.

6. Go to that extra mile to do everything that is only the best for them.

7. Secretly admire their achievement even if we don’t talk about it often.

8. Order pizza for dinner when we are in the mood for masala dosa.

9. Pretend we are ok to them despite the rough day.

10. Love them a lot, regardless of previous bad experiences in love.


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