underrated advantages of being an introvert

8 underrated advantages of being an introvert

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Are you happy to find a missed call on your phone? Do you mute a conversation regardless of whoever it is? Do you rarely reach out to the world to let them know that you exist? If your answer for all the above questions is YES, congratulations, welcome to the world of introverts! 🙂 Being an introvert is not easy. Honestly, there are more cons than pros to it. But let’s just talk about the pros now. Following are some of the underrated advantages that I think many can relate to.

1. Ignore the world for good

Today, the world focuses more on negativity. And for some reasons, it has become a source of entertainment as well. But the good part is, you jam to your favourite music in your PJs when the rest of the world is taking sides over a tweet by the political leader of the country. In other words, you focus on maintaining a positive environment around you before sorting out the world issues. That said, you truly believe that a good change starts from within.

2. Dwell in creativity

I hate to say this but some extroverts out there may think you are boring. And one thing people fail to notice in you is your ability to go crazy with your creativity. It is just that you don’t like to show off your secret talent unless you’re asked about it. In a way, you are quiet an interesting person with ideologies on your life, dreams and basically everything in the world. You secretly dwell in creativity that is only known to you and your dear ones.

3. Great at secret-keeping

Your best friend’s secret with you is like a treasure chest inside an unidentified cave in the Atlantic Ocean. No kidding! It is not easy to maintain a secret today, especially in a world that is obsessed with social media. You are a great secret-keeper because you got no time for spilling the beans or you easily forget them, but either way, it is safe with you. Having a few ‘hand-picked’ trustworthy friends around you is also one of the reasons why secrets remain secret!

4. Observation over judgement

In a world where every action is judged, non-judgemental people are like a breath of fresh air! You observe people/things rather than judge them. Furthermore, the reports gathered through your observation help you to grow awareness in life. A judgemental behaviour can have a negative impact on people’s lives or performances. Following example is the difference between being judgemental and doing an observation.

Observation – She is getting better at it.

Judgement – She is slow. She better quit!

5. Dream everything

You are a great dreamer, straight up! It is not only about dreaming big, bigger or biggest. You dream about everything, from watching a favourite show on Netflix to receiving an Oscar. There is no limit or whatsoever! The extremely small cozy world that you’re in right now gives you all the time and the freedom to just…dream! Henceforth, ‘dream big or go home’ is not likely your type of quote. Dreaming about teeny-weeny things and living a little is also very crucial in your life.

6. Stand in no way

Living life on own terms without bothering anyone is the main motto of every introvert’s life. As much as you like to have time to yourself, you also leave others undisturbed. You are not in anybody’s way in the name of ‘problem solver’. In a way, it is a good thing since you’re not too nosy or like having nosy people around you. The rule is the same. Needing space and giving space without losing a relationship! And that’s not too much to ask for, isn’t it?

7. Suck at lying/faking

Introverts are generally not good at exhibiting confidence. The story is even worse when it comes to lying. Having this disability makes you more original. You are an imperfect liar and that’s what makes you perfect! Hence, you may struggle to choose to stay true or quiet, but either way, you will always be more reliable than anyone else. ‘Fake it till you make it’ is a big NO, no matter how important the situation is for you. Lying is not always bad, but there is one less problem in the world when words and actions are the same.

8. Be all ears

Has anyone told you that you’re a good listener? YES. It is also like a form of making time for loved ones. You may not be a greatest problem solver in the world. But you’re all ears when it comes to best friend’s long rambling speeches. You try really hard to make an eye contact even if it is not the easiest task for you. You try everything in your own little way to let the other person know that you’re genuinely interested. And not many people do that!

My final thoughts on being an introvert

The beauty of being an introvert is that your disadvantages can also turn out to be advantages at some point in time. So there is nothing wrong in just being you in your unbothered world.

That said, it is also ok to be an introvert, extrovert, ambivert or anything as long as you are good human.


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