What Love Does To You?

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Love changes everything in life, be it good or bad! Let me tell you something filmy, there is a whole lot of amazing vibes involved and it cannot be described in words. It is as if some magic spell had been cast on you and you lose your own self. Let’s say you see someone (i.e. your love interest) whom you like the most, you feel a hundreds of butterflies tingling in your stomach and you run short of words. It need not be love at first sight, it can happen at any time on any person over a cup of coffee, smile, favourite gesture! It could be love for your parents, friends, teachers, strangers, you name it!

Love is eternal

Love by itself is true and it gives you eternal happiness within. So let us not give terminologies to love such as true love, puppy love or whatsoever. Furthermore, it makes you do things that you never knew existed before and gives you a feeling of fullness even when you’re broke. It heals your pain and most importantly, it makes your life beautiful.

It consumes…

Love is so boundless that makes you give out the best in everything and expect the least in return. “Less is more” is never true because it will never suffice your satisfaction. Love is not a drug but it can certainly seem like one as it slowly consumes your mind and body over the time.

…and moulds you

It makes you and breaks you as well. You become fragile and yet, so strong. It never makes you quit at any point in life even during hardships. Love makes you keep going endlessly as if there is no finish line and it is a journey. It moulds and teaches you. So enjoy the ride until it lasts and don’t be sorry if you lose it. Time heals everything and it can happen all over again, you never know!


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  • Manuneethichozhan
    August 14, 2018 at 5:22 pm Reply

    Just now i visited your website swgachi..niz name.i like ur thoughts about love.its really awesome.continue ur page like this.all the best tamizhachii..

    • SwagachiAuthor
      January 11, 2019 at 8:00 pm Reply

      Thanks buddy! Look into this space for more interesting blogs.

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