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Do introverts secretly like getting attention?

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Oh well, how I would love to say YES. Everybody likes to be noticed for right things and this applies for introverts as well. We like it subtle with not much of interactions involved in public. We are timid, shy, distrustful and always suspicious. Hence, we would appreciate anything that is not really overwhelming, all-eye-on-us kind of thing. We love to speak as much as we love to listen. And we do a lot of talking with our actions than actual words.

A thinker, not a talker…

Though we like getting unnoticed in a common party, a very simple compliment from special someone would make our day! It is something that we secretly enjoy with a straight poker face or even an awkward smile. Large crowds can be nice and entertaining for some time, but it eventually turns out to be very nerve-wrecking and loud towards the end. It also drains out a lot of our energy. We take longer time to get energised with people unlike extroverts. We may not be great at expressing emotions like the extroverts, but we always save the best ones for the right people in the right time. Sometimes, it is mandatory for us to receive attention from the people who mean something for us. It actually excites us and makes us less invisible to the world.

Attention for right things is not a bad thing, it is just that we don’t CRAVE it. Too many eyes on us can easily make us nervous and sometimes even claustrophobic. I know it sounds so stupid, but hey we can’t help it! It is like everyone around us is staring and we have no clothes on (couldn’t be more precise than this definition!) It makes us want to run away from that place and scream out loud, just saying. In short, we have our own world!

The bottom line…

Having said all this, too much of anything is bad! Likewise, too much of attention always seems so insincere, fake and also dominating to us. And hey, we DO like to have the spotlight on us, but we just let the extroverts take the stage so we can sit back and relax for a while. We can steal and rock the spotlight too if we feel it’s the right time. We are so unfiltered, and enjoy many little things in life like the extroverts do but (like I said earlier), SECRETLY!


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    Unbounded Swagachi, unbounded the introverts intropection…👌👍

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