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8 compliments that are not related to outer appearance

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Giving someone a compliment that is not based on outer appearance is an art by itself. However, I feel compliments in real life are becoming rare in today’s world. All thanks to social media’s ‘likes’ because it is just a ‘double tap’ work. It is as simple as that! I don’t want to blame the technological growth of the world. It is just that people change priorities to meet others’ expectations. But seriously, nothing can ever come close to taking time to appreciate people one-on-one. It is more genuine, sincere and… REAL. Following are some compliments that you can consider using next time. You never know, you may change someone’s life for good!

1. You are kind

As simple as it sounds, it is the easiest way to compliment someone for the kindness. It is so real, straight up! So next time when people help you with little things in life, just tell them, ‘you are kind’.

2. You got the prettiest heart

Pretty face is not going to last forever, it is the heart! Yeah, I know it is an outdated statement. But trust me, the person at the receiving end would be the happiest to receive this compliment.

3. You are so strong

Life is not easy for all. Some people go through a difficult path of journey to get to the place which is not really a big deal to many. And letting those some strong souls know that they’re strong is neither just sympathy nor the words of hope. It is about sharing admiration!

4. Why didn’t DC/Marvel cast you yet?

I know, it kinda sounds cheesy. But I think it is one of the best ways to make a compliment fun and also impactful at the same time. Super humans need a movie of their own, don’t you agree with me too? Oh well, I think my parents and friends need to be signed by the DC/Marvel production companies RIGHT NOW.

5. I couldn’t be more proud of you

This is not a ‘parent – child’ situation. I believe that an achievement must be appreciated in every relationship. Be it best friends, couples, boss – employee or teacher – student! It enhances any kind of relationship and takes it to the next level.

6. You are amazing

It is one of the most underrated compliments ever. I’m sure you will make someone’s day a positive one with this compliment. It gives tremendous motivation to be better and do better in life. So don’t be stingy with your compliments if you think someone really deserves it.

7. Are you even real?

If you think someone’s too good to be true, then you gotta use this compliment. Also, you may receive funny/awkward responses when you give away this compliment. It is going to be super-overwhelming for someone to respond to the compliment. But it sure does give a lot of aw-shucks smiles to the recipient.

8. You inspire me

And last but not the least, my most favourite of all! ‘You inspire me’ pretty much sums up everything in just 3 words. Inspirations need not necessarily be related to huge achievements. For instance, a small daily habit like making up your bed after you wake up can also be inspiring to many. It keep us going in life. 


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