Inside the world of introverts

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There are so many blogs, articles and theories about the introverts on internet. I ain’t a mental health specialist or a psychiatrist but I know that I’m a hardcore introvert. Following are the personality traits that many introverts possess.

  1. We always long for love despite having plenty of it around us.
  2. We sport a straight face like we do not care if somebody is too kind to us, but we scream internally (Ahhh! you’re the best! But Imma act like its not a big deal).
  3. We are not very expressive with words that come out of mouths.
  4. We show love and gratitude to people in our own creative ways.
  5. We are not very comfortable when it comes to receiving attention. Be it parents or best friends!
  6. We are not complicated but we act like one. It is just like a regular trial experiment that we like to conduct to our loved ones to check if they still want us.
  7. We like to choose our own romantic partners. We are not fans of people wanting to date us.
  8. We are over-thinkers and can also be absolutely dumb with an empty mind.
  9. We are often embarrassed by our own actions from the past.
  10. We are easily inspired by people for their very small acts.
  11. We do not like unexpected visitors. It is not like we hate them, we just need a prep time to be mentally prepared before having a visitor (facing an unexpected visitor is harder than facing an exam!).
  12. We take alone time to heal and recharge when we are hurt or upset about something.
  13. Last but not the least, we are not less than any mystery for our best friends.


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