What is so frustrating about being vulnerable?

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Exhibiting your strength and weakness to your loved ones is not an easy thing at all. But it can certainly improve the quality of your relationships. Being vulnerable is not just about your immunity against physical illnesses. It is even more demanding in all kinds of relationship. Best friends, couples, siblings – you name it, it ain’t easy! I would totally agree to the point that vulnerability is only a choice in life. An amazing choice if you choose to use it wisely!

Why it is frustrating

Everyone likes to live a longer and healthier life in the world. However, living longer is not good enough if there is no “quality” relationship with people who you trust and love. And that is when vulnerability comes into play! When you choose to be vulnerable with your emotions, you are bound to create stronger connections with loved ones. As you exhibit your real authenticity with no alterations or whatsoever, you thrive on happiness. But the downside of it is EXPECTATIONS. It is a little sucker, isn’t it?

It all sounds easy, but it is not in practicality (well at least, most of the time). There are many ups and downs when you choose to be vulnerable in a relationship. There are more chances for hurt, stress and emotional pain. You may have to deal with it all in an unpleasant way if the person’s intent is toxic.

The bottomline…

That said, being vulnerable still has many pros when the person you’re dealing with is looking for a positive relationship. It is indeed an undeniable strength when you choose to be vulnerable with right people. Also, it creates a space for meaningful interactions, changes and most importantly, a CHANCE. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there to show the vulnerable you. There is nothing more braver than that! Remember, people who love and respect you will never use your vulnerabilities against you no matter what.


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