4 ways to say ‘NO’ politely

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Being polite has become a goal today and it’s not wrong either. Trying to improve yourself is something that’ll benefit you and your loved ones. Similarly, there are people who would say YES even if they do not want to. Maybe they are too kind, innocent or ignorant to not socially oblige. Check out my blog post on the importance of saying ‘NO’ for better understanding. Following are the ways to say ‘NO’ in a polite manner.

1. Give a reason

A straight-up no could come off as rude based on people and favours you deal with. If your friends want you to join them for a movie, and you’re not interested

“Sorry, but I got something important to do at my workplace tonight.” is so much better than just “Nope!”

If a neighbour wants to borrow money from you, be polite with your reply. “Sorry, I’m afraid I can’t help you”

You could always politely decline to the recipient.

2. Decline with a compliment

Who doesn’t love compliments? Honestly, when you decline the request of a recipient with a small compliment, you could make light of your rejection. When you’re asked to join dinner by your colleagues at workplace and you have other plans or simply not interested

“That sounds absolutely fun, but I got some important work tonight. I’m sorry!” makes the whole situation more genuine.

As long as you compliment while rejecting the request, everything’s going to be fine!

3. Genuinely hear out

It is the stepping stone to politeness, no kidding! It is always better to hear the recipient out before a rejection. In the first place, it is the basic respect you give to fellow humans in any conversation. Saying a straight-up “No” before the recipient could finish off the request is just so rude!

“Could you please let me borrow your outfit as I have-”

“Nope, I can’t!”

Interrupting is typical a very unpleasant thing to do in conversations, talk about requests! Rudely cutting the recipient off is unacceptable even if it is your sibling.

4. Provide an alternative

Sometimes, it is okay to be considerate and not candid with constraints. You could provide alternatives to avoid the guilt and make the recipient feel better. If a parent wants you to pick up the groceries, and you’re not available

“Sorry I have an assignment to complete, but can I do it next weekend mom!”

The reply is so basic but it shows you still care. Therefore, don’t be lazy in taking that extra effort to provide an alternative.

The bottom line…

Keep in mind to also make use of your presence of mind during awkward situations. There are chances for some people to take advantage of your kindness. Hence, it is important to be aware of the type of people and situations you handle. In addition, it is ok to be rude to people who put you in inescapable situations with an intent to do harm.


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