Learn to say NO

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Saying NO is an art by itself. Why is it an art though? Because there are people who struggle to NOT socially oblige! Letting someone know your refusal does not belittle you or that person at any cost. There is this new ‘YES’ culture that many blindly follow whether or not they like it. And it is not something to feel proud of either. There is no fault in being… YOU. Do not be guilty or ashamed of your POV or assertion. It helps you to establish healthy boundaries in any relationship. It also means you are having a control of your life.

If you think it will hurt your friend or a well-wisher, just be polite to them. Next time when a colleague wants to borrow money for an urgent deed when you’re already struggling with debts or other personal reasons, let them know your concern politely. Something like “I’m sorry, but I’m still yet to make ends meet this month.” would do the job. It is as simple as that!

The scenario is different when it comes to a sales person. If you are being pursued to buy something, just be straight forward with your reply “No, not interested!” It will not create any gap for further debate. Likewise, tune your assertion accordingly.

No means NO and it implies to everybody. Let it be your life partner, girlfriend, boyfriend or anyone for that matter of fact! At the end of day, it is your life.

Stop being either too kind or dumb to oblige to people around you. Enjoy your right to freedom!


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