Ways to respond to a compliment without being overly shy

How to stop being shy – 5 quick ways

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Shyness is a blessing and a curse as well. Some people say it is a woman’s best ornament. A few think it is not masculine enough for men. But keeping all those stereotypical statements aside, it is embarrassing when shyness occurs too often in social situations. I follow the quick steps given below to get rid of my shyness or at least to not make it too obvious.

  1. Don’t be too focused on yourself during a conversation. Try to shift your attention to the opposite person. Go with the flow and be more generous with your listening skills.
  2. Smile. It creates an impression that you’re comfortable with people around you.
  3. Eye contact is the key to exhibit your confidence. Look into their eyes no matter what. It is going to be tough but it is definitely not impossible.
  4. Do not forget to get out of your comfort zone. It is the most important rule of all. Exploring things in other departments is going to make you more confident too.
  5. Being physically groomed up could give you the extra push in presenting yourself with grace and belief.
  6. Do not underestimate your strength. You are no less than anybody in the world.
  7. Deep Breath. This should be the most heard fact for every anxiety related problem. But trust me, it works out super well. Calm your mind and listen to your heart.
  8. Be kind to yourself. It is ok if you have been way too shy in the past. Get rid of those moments from your head and focus on the present.


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